About Us


New York Technology Partners is an upcoming firm which looks into developing products and ideas to help people transfer money online from anywhere in the world while sitting in the luxury of their homes. Our services will not only provide you the best and most efficient ways to transfer money online but also in no time. We assure you that our several money transfer options are not only extremely safe, but are also available 24/7 at your service. You needn’t worry about the hassles of going to a bank or making cheques to different people anymore; you can now access our umpteen number of excellent money transfer services to achieve the same simple goal of transferring money either to pay your bills or even to help a friend in need. Through our efficient and secure money transfer options, not only are our customers satisfied, but also trust us.

Money transfer has now been made as facile as browsing through the internet or checking your mail thanks to our creative options. Based on where you are located and the amount you need to transfer or receive, one can now choose the type of money transfer service that is most suitable to their current needs. Money transfer has never been made so easy and impregnable. Our policies and motto assure our customers that their money is the most secure when it is with our services. With the advent of technology and innovation provided to you by our firm, money transfer is now just a click away.